Our commitment to House for Life has seen Plantation Homes raise over $2.5 million! These funds, from the sale of seven homes over the past eleven years, have been donated to Mater Little Miracles

There is nothing more heartbreaking than hearing that a baby needs specialist care in hospital, and there’s nothing more uplifting than knowing that at Plantation Homes, we have made a difference to the lives of sick and premature babies and their families.

We are proud that funds raised over the years have contributed to purchasing vital pieces of equipment to assist in the exceptional care provided to babies while they are in Mater’s NCCU.

Medical research is the key to improving the health of us all, including the smallest of patients. Proceeds from the House for Life project have also greatly assisted Mater researchers to continue important research projects to improve the health outcomes of mothers and their babies. We look forward to continuing this commitment in the future.


The House for Life Project is an inspiring initiative built on a long-standing partnership between Mater Foundation and Plantation Homes, whereby a Plantation home is built and auctioned, with proceeds from the sale of the home donated to the Mater Little Miracles program. What makes this project so incredibly special is the extended network of trades and suppliers from the Plantation Homes family, who come together each year to donate their time and resources to build this home.

In 2017, the House for Life sold for a record-breaking $692,500 in the Springfield Lakes community, The Peninsula. We were thrilled to be able to make another amazing contribution to the Mater Foundation with these funds supporting the many families whose babies are cared for at Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit. Read more about the 2017 House for Life Charity Auction Home here.

Thank you again to the generous trades, suppliers, industry partners and our team for making this project a reality and to the community for embracing the opportunity to be part of something so special.

Plantation Homes is proud to be a part of such an initiative to assist Mater in creating a better start to life for Queensland's tiniest patients.

Past Homes

2017 - $692,500 raised with the Plantation Homes Sahara

2015 - $660,000 raised with the Plantation Homes  Bordeaux

2013 - $572,000 raised with the Plantation Homes Mirage

2011 - $525,000 raised with the Plantation Homes Mirage

2010 – $509,000 raised with the Plantation Homes Sahara

2009 - $635,000 raised with the Plantation Homes Oasis

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